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The case for business mentoring for small business owners

You know the stories well: after retirement / retrenchment / disillusionment from corporate life, the intrepid entrepreneur takes his / her life savings and goes it alone, only to lose it all after months – or worse, years – of toil and tears. Yet this is the paradox – to survive as entrepreneurs and as a species, we depend ever more on successful small business.

As corporates shed jobs, South Africa’s economic prosperity relies increasingly on entrepreneurs succeeding in their start-up and growth of small enterprises.  But whether you started your business from desperation or inspiration and, especially if this is your first attempt, the odds of succeeding are against you! 

In South Africa, only about 1 in 2 start-ups survive their first year. One of the worst ways to end a business is through liquidation or insolvency: between 2000 and 2005, South Africa averaged 6 757 business liquidations per year (Statistics of liquidations and insolvencies, Stats SA, Nov 2006).

ProMentor’s Small Business (Online) Mentoring Program is your solution!

To counter this failure and assure your success as a small business owner, business mentoring provides invaluable business support, guidance and personal development for small business entrepreneurs, drastically increasing their chances of success. 

If you’re a business owner who depends heavily on your business to fund your livelihood and retirement, then you need to find out about ProMentor’s Small Business (Online) Mentoring Program today and discover the journey you can design for your business success.

“ProMentor’s program taught me one thing that I believe all successful SME owners should strive towards constantly, and that is "to work on your business and not in your business".  This has had a big effect on the overall profitability of my business.”

      -- Richard Kershaw, Kerston Foods (18 months after his program)      

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ProMentor’s Small Business (Online) Mentoring Program (SBMP) in a nutshell

ü  ProMentor’s SBMP is specially designed for small business owners who want to do better business, better eg. grow sales, improve profitability, reduce costs, have a business that actually runs on its own.

ü  By being in ProMentor’s SBMP, you can develop your management and leadership skills through support from peers in your mentoring group, facilitated by an experienced and qualified business mentor.

ü  Each program runs over 6 months in groups of 3 to 7 people “meeting” via Skype for two two-hour calls each month.

ü  At up to R6 500 per hour, executive coaching is priced out of the reach of the small business owner.  ProMentor’s SBMP is much more accessible at only R2 000 ex. VAT for 4.5 hours’ mentoring per month.

ProMentor’s SBMP is specifically designed for small business owners

If you manage a small business and want to improve your personal and business performance, then ProMentor’s SBMP is specifically designed for you!

Check that you meet these entry conditions:

ü  You own and manage a business.

ü  The business has fewer than 50 employees.

ü  You are computer literate with reliable, daily access to internet, email and Skype.

ü  You will commit your time, effort and financial resources to completing the program.

Outcomes you can expect from being in the program

ü  Improved business performance eg. sustainable growth or even turn-around from imminent failure.

ü  Your self-authored and complete business strategy.

ü  Improved knowledge in entrepreneurship, leadership and small business management.

ü  Clarified personal drivers for being in business.

ü  An ongoing support network that can live years beyond the program.

“Business mentoring with ProMentor has been fruitful – after only 7 sessions over 8 months, turnover climbed by 75% and net profit grew by 100%!”

      Peter Diedericks, The Key Club, ProMentor client in 2006

Program structure and delivery

ü  The program runs over 6 months, with each month having two 2-hour group mentoring sessions.

ü  Get one-to-one mentoring and support in your monthly 30 minute Skype calls.

ü  To ensure quality of process and outcomes, groups are limited to 7 participants.

ü  Participants are matched by similar abilities, business conditions and non-competing businesses.

ü  Venue: your quiet, uninterruptable space with a good internet connection.

Curriculum for each month of the program

1.      Assessment and goal-setting; calculating your business’ value and con

2.      Strategy and business planning.

3.      Return on invested capital; strategic marketing.

4.      Lead generation; lead conversion.

5.      Managing risk; designing the business engine – all about business systems.

6.      All about working with people

 “Having someone – safe, intelligent, informed – to talk to is one of the greatest benefits I’ve gained.”

      Gwen Nel, ARTicles Arts & Crafts, ProMentor client in 2006 & 2007

Fees and payment (VAT to be added to all amounts)

ü  The monthly fee per person is R2 000.

ü  Fees are payable monthly in advance ie. on or by the first of each month.

ü  Registration requires a non-refundable deposit of R1 000, which is deductible from the 6th month’s fee.

ü  Special offer for personal mentoring or coaching – see below.

Special offer for supplementary one-to-one mentoring or coaching

To provide a deeper experience and fast-track progress, you can get one-to-one mentoring or coaching between the group mentoring sessions.   The special offer for this is a reduced one-to-one fee of R1 850 for an additional two hours per month.  That’s a 50% saving on our regular rates!  This special offer is available to you during your program and for up to 3 months after completing your program.

How to join the program

Let’s talk about how where you want to go with your business:

Phone me at (021) 8511 588 or email

Yours in success,

Brent Combrink

(021) 8511 588

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